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    • Do you offer free initial consultations?

      • Yes we do.

      What are the benefits of installing irrigation?

      • Healthy gardens and green lawns. Freeing up valuable time to do other things. Saving water, particularly using the new Smart Controllers which monitor the weather and rainfall.

      What happens when we get water restrictions? Do I have to turn my system off?

      • Water restrictions allow for the continued use of drip systems in gardens, and continued use of lawn sprinklers if a smart irrigation controller is installed.

      What happens when we get lots of rain? Do I have to turn the system off manually?

      • All automatic systems are installed with a rain sensor, which shuts the system down until the rain sensor dries out.

      Do I irrigate the flower beds only or can I irrigate the lawn?

      • Flower beds and lawns are watered at different times and with different methods

      I haven’t designed my garden very well. What happens when I have plants which require lots of water, next to ones that don’t require much?

      • Extra sprays or drip lines can be added next to plants that require more water.

      Does having a watering system increase the value of my property?

      • Yes it does, because the plants are healthier and the lawns are greener.

      Does the watering system fertilise my garden too, or do I have to do that manually?

      • Automatic fertilisers can be incorporated into the irrigation system.

      Do you water everything at the same time?

      • No. Lawns and gardens need to be watered for different durations. Low lying, native and moist areas need less water than dry, tropical or elevated areas

      Do you use sprayers, or drip irrigation?

      • Pop up sprays and sprinklers are used in lawn areas and sprays and/or drip systems are used garden areas.

      What happens when the power goes out, do I have to reset the system?

      • No. The controllers have a back up battery and don’t need resetting.

      Can I see what’s happening on my smartphone?

      • f a smart irrigation is installed and connected to a smartphone, it will show everything on the phone.

      Do you have to do lots of digging to install the system. I’m concerned about my plants.

      • The gardens won’t be disturbed if a drip system is installed, but if sprays are, are small trench may be required along the front of the gardens. In the case of the lawns, trenching will required.

      Can you install garden lighting at the same time? Does this save me money?

      • Garden lighting can be installed at the same time, and it will definitely reduce costs.

      How long does the installation take?

      • Usually one to two days on a standard domestic front and back yard.

      I have a very small block, is it worth having a watering system?

      • If you have lawns and/or gardens, it would be recommended.

      I have a very large block, will it be too expensive to have a watering system?

      • The larger the property, the more beneficial an automatic irrigation system would be. It would be difficult, time consuming, costly and inefficient to water large properties manually.

      Are there ongoing costs such as servicing and inspections?

      • An annual or bi-annual inspection/service would keep the the system in optimal working order.

      Bunnings seems to have lots of irrigation stuff, is it cheaper to install a watering system myself?

      • It would cost less, in total but Bunnings charge retail price and don’t offer on site or a personnel design service, leading to possible under design or wrong products in certain locations.

      How much power does garden lighting use? Is it worth it?

      • Power usage in minimal, if LED lighting used. Less than 10% of of traditional incandescent lighting, and for better results.

      What sort of areas do you light?

      • For best results, lighting to driveways, pathways, and dark areas around the house, for security and safety. Highlighting trees, special plants and general area lighting for a visually pleasing effect. Lighting can also small spaces look bigger

      Does having garden lighting annoy the neighbours?

      • If it designed correctly and focused away from neighbours, it should not be a problem.

      What happens if I dig through a lighting cable?Will I die?

      • If it’s low voltage lighting, there is no danger. If it’s 240 volt lighting, it should be installed deep underground and in orange electrical conduit, and controlled by a safety breaker, therefore making it totally safe.

      I just need a small watering system for my veggie garden. Can you install this?

      • Yes, we can.

      I want a demisting system for my patio, do you install these?

      • Yes, we do.

      Can I use my rainwater tank as part of my watering system?

      • Yes, you can.

      Can I use greywater as part of my watering system?

      • Yes you can,
      • provided it is designed and installed correctly and according to health and council regulations and requirements.

      How much does it cost to install an automatic watering system?

      • Ranging from $1,000 for a small front or backyard lawn or garden, to $5,000 for a full front and back gardens and lawns on a 1000 square metre suburban block.

      What happens after my irrigation system is installed and I add more plants?

      • If the system is designed correctly, no more is required. However, if not, more sprays or drip line can be added, provided that the water pressure and available flow are sufficient.

      Do I need to use any particular mulch with my irrigation system?

      • Not particularly, but a natural organic mulch that inhibit weed growth, allow the  soil to breath, and one that will eventually break down into the soil, is recommended.

      Automatic Irrigation sounds very complicated and expensive, why would I bother?

      • An Automatic watering system is not very expensive in the long term.  Replacing dead plants can be very expensive.  The time you need to spend watering your garden can be better spent enjoying time with family and friends.  Holidays are no longer an issue during very dry weather. An automatic watering system also saves water and drip zones can be used during water restrictions.

      Does your system have any warranty?

      • The system comes with a 2 year warranty on the whole installation plus manufacturers (up 5 years on products) warranty.

      What happens if the system starts leaking?

      • System usually only leaks, if the pipes have been damaged, otherwise that’s covered by the warranty.

      I have a new property, and my house is still being built. Do I get a landscape designer first or do you do designs too?

      • We design our own irrigation systems.

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